Esslinger Zeitung 2017,  Switzerland 2015


Den Brückenschlag konkret verkörperten die eingeladenen Musiker: Udai Mazumdar, Tabla, und Siddharth Kishna, Sitar, spielten klassische indische Musik und füllten die «Rechtobler» Kirche mit einem Feuerwerk an Obertönen und Polyrhythmen.


A report by Peter Surber for, Switzerland, March 13, 2015 


The second set was led by Siddarth Kishna on sitar. Again Heiko accompanied, in what turned out to be the climax of the evening.

What followed was a standing ovation. Truth be told, that even though all artist were appreciated and their play and interaction was received well, Siddarth received the most positive feedback. People “got sucked in” during his time on stage and was praised for his complex material and amazing technique.


A report by Marvin Dwight,  April 14, 2014

Indyana Magazine, april 2014


....Siddharth Kishna started after the break with Raga Jaijaiwanti. The alap was slow and sonorous. As he progressed with time he began to immerse the audience with the melodious strains of Sitar. The audience soon began to respond readily to his recital – so evocative and nostalgic. Siddharth perhaps had the perfect incentive for an outstanding performance.


It was by the virtue of that Nad Brahma, the divine that the entire environment rejoiced with the sound of life, the strains of Sitar. The Raga been played for quarter of an hour, Siddharth was magnificent. My deep salutation to Heiko Dijker for playing tabla so proficiently and supporting the sitar to emit complete ecstasy in the room. What else could it be as the raga jaijaiwanti itself is all about extreme joy and happiness?

The most moving moments came with Siddharth’ s solo raga, when he and his large sighing instrument on their own, seemed to probe the memories of an audience far from home.

We welcomed the Divine into our lives with standing ovation. Music still echoes deep within and I can’t wait to attend the next programme of Mehfil…


—- A report by Abhijit Saha for, April 4,  2014





Veluws Dagblad, The Netherlands, 2002


Siddharth could make the strings of the sitar sing like the whistling of the wind…